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This is how you transform toxic habits into meaningful connection…

Can you relate to pleading with your partner to help you in some way that would truly mean the world to you?

Or maybe there’ve been moments as a parent when you’ve felt un-seen, un-recognized or all alone with the heaviness of responsibility that threatens to overwhelm or deplete you?

Over the past 19 years, I’ve been noticing several KEY patterns that frequently block well-meaning parents from having the help and relief they’re so desperately yearning for in their relationships.

If you want to cultivate and be deeply supported inside TRUE PARTNERSHIP, I suggest you begin by watching out for any of the following 5 patterns that may be operating in your relationship:

I think you’d probably agree that making requests from a place of frustration, judgment or utter helplessness is ineffective, at best.

In fact, if you’ve been COMING AT your partner with the energy of desperation, blame or disappointment you are actually more likely to push your partner away or elicit defensiveness than INVITE their empathy and cooperation.

I challenge you to notice these three things as you ask your partner for help this week:

  1. the ENERGY behind your words

  2. the TONE of your voice

  3. and your TIMING

And if you’re someone who tries to “do it all” I challenge you to start allowing yourself to receive from your partner and trust they have so much more to give….

I would love to hear how this practice goes for you in a reply!

I also post more regular insights for fostering conscious connection in your relationship on my Instagram.

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