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Does nothing feel wrong, but nothing feel right in your relationship?

Do you ever have the sinking feeling that even though “nothing is wrong”, your marriage could feel so much more exciting and satisfying?

Or you might even be comfortable, but you know you’re losing the zest and passion you once felt in your relationship and that’s heartbreaking for you?

My former clients felt the same way in their 10 year relationship. They seemed to have it all, but they both felt lonely, numb to each other and their attraction to each other was suffering.

Even though they hardly ever argued they had gradually withdrawn from each other and neither one of them was feeling appreciated or inspired in their relationship.

During our work together, it became clear that although no one would have guessed, they both held deep, long-standing resentments towards each other and the situation they were in.

They were able to uncover the ways they were both unknowingly contributing to the disconnection they were so upset about. And, they were relieved to discover that they were each fighting for connection in their own way, even though they seemed not to need each other.

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