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Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here.

I acknowledge you for taking this step, whether you’ve been in therapy in the past or considering it for the first time. As you navigate this page, I hope you’ll get a sense of my services, my approach to personal-growth and the potential “fit” between us. Additionally, meeting for an evaluation period of two to four sessions can help us determine if psychotherapy makes sense for you at this time and if I am a good match for you as a psychologist.


Research demonstrates that the quality of relationship with your therapist is the most significant predictor of a successful treatment. When selecting a therapist, I encourage you to consider your own ‘gut’ feelings and reactions to sharing space together.


I make every effort to provide a welcoming, accepting, and confidential environment where a safe space is co-created and trust can develop and deepen over time.  I am committed to being a sensitive listener and honoring the full range of your feelings and reactions. When I work with couples, I strive to listen and understand each partner from within his or her own perspective and subjective experience.


My psychotherapy practice based in Livingston, NJ, is dedicated to working within the interfacing spheres of relationships, sexuality, fertility and parenthood. My services are designed with clients in mind via tele-therapy.

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My Approach

My approach is anchored in the psychodynamic/object-relations traditions, which means that I embrace the basic premise that our early relationships with our caregivers and families give rise to enduring psychological “blueprints” that continue to guide us in our adult relationships. Moreover, our early relationship experiences collectively function as an implicit frame-of-reference, organizing and imbuing our experiences with meanings throughout our lives.


Additionally, I draw from relational and body-oriented therapies, which recognize the unity of our psychological-and-bodily-selves as well as the multiplicity and richness of our experiences in any given moment. These perspectives honor the truths latent in our bodies and value the importance of moving into intuitive awareness.


I make every effort to provide a welcoming, accepting, and confidential environment where a safe space is co-created and trust can develop and deepen over time.  I am committed to being a sensitive listener and honoring the full range of your feelings and reactions. When I work with couples, I strive to listen and understand each partner from within his or her own perspective and subjective experience.


Couples Therapy

Couples have a powerful opportunity to invigorate, repair, and deepen their connection in couples therapy. The partners we are attracted to and fall in love with delight us and meet many of our needs; however, we are also likely to experience inevitable disappointment...

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Sexuality & Intimacy 

Unfortunately, 3 out of every 4 couples I work with say their biggest struggle is holding onto the connection with each other, while being chronically sleep-deprived, feeling like their bodies are not their own, figuring out shifting roles and responsibilities...

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Individual Therapy

 Significant life transitions such as marriage or divorce, an affair, the transition to parenthood, a new job, illness, loss, or trauma can also trigger or overwhelm our inner resources and impact our close relationships—creating a cycle of stress and tension....

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Fertility & Family Building

A significant part of my practice is dedicated to working with people who are either considering or pursuing medical fertility treatment or other family-building options. It is not uncommon for people to blame themselves or feel they are being punished...

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In addition to these offerings, I also have advanced training and expertise in health psychology and group therapy.
I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other providers in these areas and others.


People enter treatment for many reasons and in many different states. Whether you are coping with an immediate crisis or sorting through longer-standing difficulties, psychotherapy can help.

I will work with you to clarify your most urgent needs and establish the rhythm and direction of our work together. We will explore the possibilities you envision for yourself and your hopes for how therapy can help you.  Your body-experiences such as muscle tension, breathing patterns, body-language, acute or chronic pain, and other physical sensations can also guide our work together.

If alternative services appear to be a better match for your needs, I will offer to direct you to those resources.

  • Who Is This Program Designed For?
    This Program is A Great Fit for Couples (or individuals) Who: Are ready to commit fully to their relationship Want to set a healthy, hopeful example for their children Want to enjoy more passion and play in their relationship Want to create safe, open communication with their partner Are curious about themselves and are committed to taking a stand for growth
  • Who Should Not Apply For This Program?
    This Program is Not A Good Fit For Couples (or individuals) Who: Are not invested in their relationship Are not willing to be open-minded and try new ways of handling things Are not willing to make any time for their relationship Give up when things get difficult Are attached to staying stuck in cycles of conflict + blame Are in a violent or abusive relationship
  • How does this 6-month Coaching Program work?
    There is a 6-month minimum commitment to ensure your growth is enduring and will stay with you for the rest of your relationship. During the program, Ma’ayan will meet with you individually or together with your partner for an hour each week. Sessions are held virtually from the comfort of your home (via video-conferencing). This is not a quick-fix, shortcut, or cookie-cutter program. This is a 'high-touch' program where we'll roll up our sleeves together and be able to work through and recover from triggers and set-backs as they come up, even between sessions via laser coaching. While it may not always be easy, taking this step is a powerful way to create and evolve your relationship ON PURPOSE.
  • Does my partner have to join me, or can I do this on my own?
    You can participate on your own, or together with your partner. Since relationships are like living, breathing organisms any shifts you make will inevitably change the dynamic in your relationship-system. For example, you may begin to find that your partner is less defensive and more cooperative once you’re able to work on the critical tone you bring to your interactions
  • What results can I expect?
    During our 6-months together, we will identify what you need to finally begin to release the distance or resentment in your relationship and cultivate a genuine, satisfying bond with your partner instead. Every couple is different and the energy you invest will impact your individual results; however if you are open and coachable this program will give you the skills and support so that you can: Release toxic REACTIVITY and create deep respect in your relationship so you can talk about anything with your partner, even when one of you is hurt or angry without shutting down or getting defensive. Disrupt the blame-cycle in your marriage and instead cultivate even deeper connection, more affection and an unshakeable love with your partner - even if you’ve felt rejected, unappreciated or misunderstood in the past. Get your relationship out of “replay mode” so that you can spend less energy defending yourself and rehashing the same arguments & more time feeling truly heard, seen and understood. Learn how to make-up with your partner quickly without submitting to your partner or giving up on what matters most to you - and save yourself days, or even weeks of suffering and resentment. Use conflict as a catalyst to evolve your intimacy beyond what you thought was previously possible in your relationship (instead of allowing conflict to pull you further apart).


"When we reached out to Dr. Ma’ayan there was a lot of hurt and distance in our marriage,
despite being deeply in love earlier in our relationship and trying to work on things.
Communicating felt impossible because there were so many assumptions, fears, and unresolved

tensions getting in the way of truly hearing each other. 

Things have completely turned around for us: I'm no longer emotionally dependent on my partner
in the same way anymore, and I’m not as easily triggered in our relationship. I pursue my personal
interests and passions and give myself what I need, without guilt, defensiveness or sacrificing
any family or business responsibilities.  


As a result, I rediscovered my lust for life as well as for the woman that I originally fell in love with,
who fully supports my dreams (as I do for her too). 
We have reconnected with the person we
originally fell head over heels for, but in a new, healthy way that feels safe, respectful, stable and loving.


If you’re serious about creating a stable, loving and fulfilling partnership, I highly recommend
working with Dr. Ma’ayan. She creates a safe space and a guided path to see more of yourself.
She allowed each of us to be ourselves fully, while guiding us towards each other.

“We can’t possibly express how incredibly life changing our work with Dr. Ma’ayan was. 
It was truly the greatest investment we’ve ever made as a couple, and continues to be the greatest gift
we’ve given to ourselves and each other.
.. there are no words that suffice.  If you’re even
partially considering working with Ma’ayan, please know that if you’re willing to be honest with
yourself and with your partner, this will literally change your marriage in ways you can’t imagine.”

10 Habits of Deeply Connected Couples

Are you starting to feel like you and your partner are simply co-parenting roommates?  


I’ve created a free video guide for parents just like you, who are ready to reconnect
and bring back harmony and mutuality into their marriage.


I am an out-of-network provider, which means that I do not bill insurance companies directly. Your therapy services may be eligible for reimbursement through your out-of-network benefits, medical spending or health care savings accounts. I can provide you with a monthly superbill, which you can submit to your medical insurance carrier for reimbursement.


Out-of-network benefits cover psychotherapy with the licensed therapist you choose. Most plans require the client to pay a yearly deductible, and then reimburse a certain percentage of the fee after that, typically 70 - 80%. Authorization is not required and our work together is not managed by a third party.  All treatment decisions are made solely between us, based on your individual needs (including the type of therapy, the duration of our work together, and who should or should not be consulted).

There are many benefits to seeking therapy on an out-of-network basis. Insurance companies require regular treatment plans to be submitted by their in-network providers in order to continue authorizing sessions. Retroactive decisions about what they cover often lead to unanticipated balances billed to patients. Finally, insurance companies regularly audit in-network psychotherapists' records, further compromising confidentiality.

Obtaining psychotherapy on an out-of-network basis avoids the issues that compromise confidentiality and autonomy of treatment. If you have any questions or concerns, I am happy to help you navigate them so you can determine if your insurance company will cover our work together

Let's Connect


I'd love to hear from you. Let me know if you have any questions or want to chat about how I can support you to connect deeply within yourself, or with your partner.

The 4 Pillars for a
Loving, Thriving Marriage

Sign up for my free webinar

for couples ready to bring back connection, while raising a family
In this powerful free online training, I will cover how you can:

1. Unlock the full potential of your marriage to become a healing force for self-discovery and personal growth.


2. Finally get back to THRIVING in a loving marriage, even while raising a family and running a busy household.

3. Move beyond power struggles and create a safe zone with your partner where you can hear each other without shutting-down or getting defensive, and take a stand for each other’s growth like never before!


4. Go from being frustrated that you’re always "adulting" or taking the high-road to trusting that you’re in a true partnership; even if your mate isn’t quite on board with you yet.

5. Learn how to rekindle the intimacy in your marriage, even if you feel like you’ve been co-parenting roommates for years and you’ve accepted that your marriage may have lost its luster forever.

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