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 A coaching program for partners ready to deepen the connection & intimacy in their marriage (even while raising a family)

Conscious Connection

Is your marriage stuck in “replay mode”?

Do you and your partner keep repeating the same argument,
despite your best intentions?

Do repetitive arguments or misunderstandings leave you questioning the very foundation your marriage is built upon?

Have you ever been plagued with doubts about 
whether you and your partner are truly meant for each other?
What if you didn't  have to
figure it all out alone?

I'm so glad you’re here. Imagine how different it would feel to go from living in doubt to feeling loved and being SO confident that being with your partner is the best decision you’ve ever made. What would change for you?

Over the past 20+ years I’ve had the honor of successfully helping countless parents gain clarity into the powerful forces driving their biggest long-standing arguments.

Soon after I became a mother in 2011, I felt so depleted and spent a huge amount of energy in ‘reactivity’ mode. I was guilt-ridden and ashamed that I wasn’t showing up in my marriage in the ways I knew I was capable of.  At the same time, I was chronically sleep deprived, constantly getting sick and desperate for someone to take care of me.


Most importantly I was painfully aware that my marriage was exactly where our children were already starting to learn about what they can expect to experience in close relationships.

So over the past 8 years I developed my own step-by-step framework to help me move through conflict differently - based on my own journey, the professional support I sought out and the most holistic psychological traditions I’m trained in.


And I realized this could be profoundly helpful to other couples with children too.  


Since then, although my mate & I still argue sometimes - our arguments don’t escalate as quickly. We recover from them faster and feel even closer afterwards.

It feels amazing to trust that we can handle anything that comes our way. Now instead of feeling stuck during an argument, I can actually be curious about the next thing I need to learn or master.

I fiercely believe you too, can move beyond exhausting power-struggles and get your marriage out of ‘replay mode’.

You can spend less energy rehashing the same arguments & more time feeling truly heard, appreciated and understood in your marriage.

I want to acknowledge you for seeking out opportunities to deepen the love in your relationship, especially if you feel like you’ve been co-parenting roommates for years and you’re afraid your marriage may have lost its luster forever.

the thing is...

When it comes to taking your relationship to the next level,
information just isn’t enough. The ongoing support in this  program
will help you disco
ver and implement the steps you need to take
in order to improve your unique relationship.

When it comes to your relationship, have you ever found yourself saying...

"We can't communicate with each other when we are upset, without one of us getting defensive, shutting down, or accusatory.”

"I fear we’re growing apart & we don’t really feel like a couple -  just two people raising kids together and I feel like I always have to be the one to patch things up.”

"I want to feel like a couple again. Being kind to me isn’t enough. I could be her sister or her uncle or roommate, and it would feel the same.”


I wholeheartedly believe you can nurture and enjoy a love that is even deeper, more tender and satisfying than it was in the beginning.

even if:

  • You get stuck in exhausting power-struggles, despite your best intentions

  • You’re harboring resentments towards each other and you’re feeling discouraged, unappreciated or lonely

I know what you're thinking.

Are we just too different to “get” each other?

Will we ever get beyond our differences and disagreements?

Are we destined to feel lonely and misunderstood in this marriage?

And most importantly:

Can we love each other as deeply now as we did in the beginning?


Conscious Connection 

A Program For Couples Ready to
Re-Ignite The Love in Their Marriage

(even while raising a family)


Going from being frustrated that you’re always "adulting" or taking the high-road to finally trusting that you’re back in a true partnership; even if your partner isn’t quite on board with you yet.

And, knowing how to move past exhausting power-struggles, feelings of resentment, under-appreciation and loneliness and enjoying a love that is even deeper, more tender and satisfying than it was in the beginning.

In this program, I will guide you to implement and practice the 4 Pillars of Conscious Love
in your marriage so that you can finally feel deeply heard, appreciated and loved.
No. 1

Make a decision + commit to nurturing your bond with intention.

No. 2

Discover your hidden “Love blueprints” from childhood for deeper understanding and connection.

No. 3

Learn the skills to transform
relationship-pain into conscious, genuine connection.

No. 4

Create NEW emotional experiences &
RE-PATTERN your relationship for lasting harmony.

These Pillars will help you create a solid foundation for lasting connection in your marriage, while being completely customizable to you

I will meet you where you’re at, while tailoring the 4 Pillars of Conscious Love to your unique history so you can evolve your connection in exactly the ways that are most satisfying to you.

It's a 6-month minimum commitment to ensure enduring positive shifts that will stay with the you for the rest of your life together.


During our 6 months together, you can expect to:​

1. Gain clarity into any subconscious resistance that may be blocking you from wanting to connect more regularly with your partner so you can finally feel motivated and excited to work on your marriage

2. Create a safe zone in your marriage where you can hear each other without shutting-down or getting defensive, and powerfully take a stand for each other’s growth like never before!

3. Find ways to bring up sensitive topics that you and your partner have been avoiding for months because you’ve both been too afraid to “go there.”  

4. Create sacred rituals and routines that fiercely protect the boundaries and energy of your relationship, inspire and uplift you.

5. Give and receive more freely so that you feel closer and more playful with your partner than ever before and trust that you’re growing closer rather than apart.

6. Enjoy emotional intimacy and touch in ways you can both look forward to again, instead of feeling like “intimacy” is just another chore on your endless “to-do” list.

Learn my step by step process for transforming moments of conflict into deep connection so you can be confident that the two of you can get through anything together and be the team you've always envisioned.

What's Incuded


 Welcome Packet & Orientation Materials to jumpstart your journey.

here is an overview

Pre and Post session updates to keep you 100% on track and getting results.

18 x 60-minute coaching calls to be used during the first 6 months.

 Opportunity to record coaching sessions and revisit any coaching at your own convenience to skyrocket your transformation.

Voxer voice/text and email support between sessions via laser coaching for the duration of your program.


“We got so much more than we expected. Dr. Ma’ayan helped us see
each other tenderly and vulnerably so that instead of automatically
shutting down, attacking or getting defensive, we can now understand
each other’s true intentions and be more compassionate.”

What would a loving, connected partnership be worth to you? The kind of marriage  where you can give each other the benefit of the doubt, hear each other without shutting-down or getting defensive, and powerfully take a stand for each other’s growth like never before?

What’s the cost of continuing to repeat the same patterns that got you to where you are now? 


You have a choice.

In long-term relationships our partners will disappoint, hurt and misunderstand us. There will be a gap between the longed-for ideal lover we imagined and our real, human, imperfect partner. It is crucial that we learn to make room for these disappointments - in order to restore connection and continue to evolve our possibilities in love.

Faced with disappointment we have two choices : 

Spiral down the path of control, blame and resentful resignation – we are wired to protest, angrily demand connection, retaliate and/or withdraw when we feel abandoned, helpless, ashamed, or hopeless. 

Turn back toward our partner for repair so that connection can be restored – the difficult task of restoring connection in the face of relationship-pain brings with it renewed opportunities to know without a doubt that we are good-enough, we are lovable and loving, and that we can truly count on our relationship to be there for us.

Because I am committed to deeply supporting my clients,
I only take on a select number of clients or couples into
my  6-month coaching program at any given time.


"When we reached out to Dr. Ma’ayan there was a lot of hurt and distance in our marriage, despite being deeply in love earlier in our relationship and trying to work on things. Communicating felt impossible because there were so many assumptions, fears and unresolved tensions getting in the way of truly hearing each other. Even when things were good between us, we feared everything could suddenly change at any moment. 


We decided to work with Dr. Ma’ayan because as leaders and successful coaches ourselves, we know how powerful the right coaching container can be. Dr. Ma’ayan understood exactly what we were struggling with and why it was so frustrating and painful to us as insightful people and devoted parents. Her ability to honor and navigate our different styles and personalities was super helpful. In our work together, Dr. Ma’ayan helped us see our relationship-dynamic as the issue; rather than blaming or faulting either of us.  


Things have only gotten better and better for both of us even after we faced a really challenging period of time this past summer after completing our coaching.  I couldn't have done it without the individual work we did with my inner child, holding space while I expressed years (nay, a lifetime) of anger and resentment, and getting to the root of my reactions so that I could own them and begin doing the work that makes change of this kind possible. 


I finally honored myself, learned what my needs are, and made fulfilling them and self care MY responsibility and main priority. 


Things have completely turned around for us: I'm no longer emotionally dependent on my partner in the same way anymore, and I’m not as easily triggered in our relationship. I pursue my personal interests and passions and give myself what I need, without guilt, defensiveness or sacrificing any family or business responsibilities.  


As a result, I rediscovered my lust for life as well as for the woman that I originally fell in love with, who fully supports my dreams (as I do for her too). 


We have reconnected with the person we originally fell head over heels for, but in a new, healthy way that feels safe, respectful, stable and loving. Even intimacy is becoming a safer, more comfortable space for us to connect through again. 


As I invest in myself more, my partner has had the space to see herself more clearly and is also growing in ways I know are genuine and that I appreciate and love her for.

We have both changed and grown in the exact ways we had hoped to. Rest easy knowing that I am very happy and very much in love. 


If you’re serious about creating a stable, loving and fulfilling partnership, I highly recommend working with Dr. Ma’ayan. She creates a safe space and a guided path to see more of yourself. She allowed each of us to be ourselves fully, while guiding us towards each other."

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your marriage to become a healing force for self-discovery, and personal growth?


Receive a complimentary 3-hour kickstart intensive
when you enroll in the program!

​Can be broken up into two 90-minute sessions

Think of this session as your very own Relationship Retreat, where you (or the two of you) will have my personalized guidance and attention so that you can restore and revitalize your connection. What would that be worth to you? This Kickstart session will accelerate your growth and set you up to make the most of our time together.  You’ll have an opportunity to address any pressing concerns, and get REAL about what it takes to create your version of a deeply satisfying and inspiring relationship.


  • Who Is This Program Designed For?
    This Program is A Great Fit for Couples (or individuals) Who: Are ready to commit fully to their relationship Want to set a healthy, hopeful example for their children Want to enjoy more passion and play in their relationship Want to create safe, open communication with their partner Are curious about themselves and are committed to taking a stand for growth
  • Who Should Not Apply For This Program?
    This Program is Not A Good Fit For Couples (or individuals) Who: Are not invested in their relationship Are not willing to be open-minded and try new ways of handling things Are not willing to make any time for their relationship Give up when things get difficult Are attached to staying stuck in cycles of conflict + blame Are in a violent or abusive relationship
  • How does this 6-month Coaching Program work?
    There is a 6-month minimum commitment to ensure your growth is enduring and will stay with you for the rest of your relationship. During the program, Ma’ayan will meet with you individually or together with your partner for an hour each week. Sessions are held virtually from the comfort of your home (via video-conferencing). This is not a quick-fix, shortcut, or cookie-cutter program. This is a 'high-touch' program where we'll roll up our sleeves together and be able to work through and recover from triggers and set-backs as they come up, even between sessions via laser coaching. While it may not always be easy, taking this step is a powerful way to create and evolve your relationship ON PURPOSE.
  • Does my partner have to join me, or can I do this on my own?
    You can participate on your own, or together with your partner. Since relationships are like living, breathing organisms any shifts you make will inevitably change the dynamic in your relationship-system. For example, you may begin to find that your partner is less defensive and more cooperative once you’re able to work on the critical tone you bring to your interactions
  • What results can I expect?
    During our 6-months together, we will identify what you need to finally begin to release the distance or resentment in your relationship and cultivate a genuine, satisfying bond with your partner instead. Every couple is different and the energy you invest will impact your individual results; however if you are open and coachable this program will give you the skills and support so that you can: Release toxic REACTIVITY and create deep respect in your relationship so you can talk about anything with your partner, even when one of you is hurt or angry without shutting down or getting defensive. Disrupt the blame-cycle in your marriage and instead cultivate even deeper connection, more affection and an unshakeable love with your partner - even if you’ve felt rejected, unappreciated or misunderstood in the past. Get your relationship out of “replay mode” so that you can spend less energy defending yourself and rehashing the same arguments & more time feeling truly heard, seen and understood. Learn how to make-up with your partner quickly without submitting to your partner or giving up on what matters most to you - and save yourself days, or even weeks of suffering and resentment. Use conflict as a catalyst to evolve your intimacy beyond what you thought was previously possible in your relationship (instead of allowing conflict to pull you further apart).

Finally understand exactly how you can get back to THRIVING  in a loving marriage, even while raising a family and running a busy household so you can be the best parent and partner.

Book your ‘Conscious Love Clarity Call’
to find out if we’re a good fit
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