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 Where couples revive
connection & intimacy

instead of feeling like
co-parenting roommates


Do you feel “out of sync” with your partner?

The stressors in our lives and small infractions can stack up like bricks, building a wall between ourselves
and those we love. The higher the wall, the more intimidating it is to tackle.

If that sounds familiar, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Dr. Ma’ayan Greenbaum, and I guide mindful 
partners to examine the foundations of these walls—the deep-rooted fears and desires that manifest themselves as grievances with their significant other. I offer real-life solutions for removing the barriers,
brick by brick, to restore genuine connection.

“We can’t possibly express how incredibly life changing our work with Dr. Ma’ayan was.
It was truly the greatest investment we’ve ever made as a couple, and continues to be
the greatest gift we’ve given to ourselves and each other... there are no words that suffice. 
If you’re even partially considering working with Dr. Ma’ayan, please know that
if you’re willing to be honest with yourself and with your partner,
this will literally change your marriage in ways you can’t imagine.”

Hi, I'm Ma'ayan

Ma'ayan Greenbaum

Imagine a relationship that thrives amidst the obstacles and responsibilities of life and parenting. I teach couples how to move out of survival mode and enter into intentionality, vulnerability, and mutual enjoyment.

I am a licensed psychologist in New Jersey and New York and an expert in intimate relationships and sexuality. I created the “Conscious Connection” framework for parenting couples who are ready to regain or deepen authentic, conscious connection in their marriage. 

I believe that parents who are confident in their own love relationship are better equipped to raise emotionally resourceful and connected children. Guiding families to nurture meaningful, genuine relationships is my ultimate passion and purpose. 

Families are the most powerful building blocks of society. Healthy, harmonious families contribute to the greater collective and future generations. I’m on a mission to help couples evolve painful patterns in love, often inherited from previous generations - so they can bring more playfulness, joy and ease into their marriages and parenting. 

While working with couples is my main focus, I welcome the opportunity to work with adults who are grappling with a wide range of issues. Psychotherapy provides opportunities to explore troubling or painful issues while replenishing, restoring, and expanding available coping resources.

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Dr. Ma’ayan helped us see our relationship-dynamic as the issue; rather than blaming or
faulting either of us. 
Things have only gotten better and better for both of us, even after
we faced a really challenging period of time this past summer.


I couldn't have done it without the individual work we did with my inner child, holding space
while I expressed years (nay, a lifetime) of anger and resentment, and getting to the root of my
reactions so that I could own them and begin doing the work that makes change of this kind possible. 


I finally honored myself, learned what my needs are, and made fulfilling them and self-care MY responsibility and main priority. As a result, I rediscovered my lust for life as well as for the woman that I originally
fell in love with, who fully supports my dreams. 


We have reconnected with the person we originally fell head over heels for, but in a new, healthy way
that feels safe, respectful, stable and loving. 
If you’re serious about creating a stable, loving, and fulfilling partnership, I highly recommend working with Dr. Ma’ayan. She creates a safe space and a guided path
to see more of yourself. She allowed each of us to be ourselves fully, while guiding us towards each other.

Here's how I can help you

How would it feel if making time for your relationship or being intimate wasn't just another thing on your to do list?

How would it feel to know that your children are seeing you as a connected couple?

What would change if you felt confident that being with your partner is the best decision you ever made?

You can do this right here, right now.

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