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As a mother and wife, I strongly believe that to raise emotionally resourceful and connected children it’s essential for parents to feel confident in their own love relationship and learn how to consistently get-back-to-connection after conflict. 

I am a NJ and NY licensed clinical psychologist, dedicated to working with the interfacing spheres of relationships, sexuality, fertility and parenthood. I love coaching insightful couples around the world to transform painful conflict into deeply satisfying connection with their partners so they can feel secure, alive and raise emotionally resilient families.

I am especially passionate about helping families thrive during the formative years when children need so much, yet parents are typically exhausted and overburdened.


My mission is to work with insightful couples who are ready to understand what’s truly driving their arguments, so they can use conflict to deepen their connection and access more ease, love and playfulness in their marriages and parenting.


I work to deeply support couples so they can enjoy and carry forward their birthright - the richness of living in a body that’s fully alive, and the gift of genuine human contact in all of its forms. 


3 Essential Practices to Help You Transform Relationship-Pain into Deep Romantic Connection:

Finally trust that your relationship is a shared priority & enjoy being fully present on your loving journey with your partner

"Dr. Ma’ayan gave us the space to discover the answers we were hoping to find when we made the commitment to work with her.  With her thoughtful insight and gentle encouragement, we dug deep into our relationship and discovered patterns that we knew we needed help to break.


We came out the other side with an incredibly deep empathy for each other and real, practical tools to change our old patterns rooted in fear and misunderstanding. Ultimately, we learned to more often communicate from a place of genuine love and understanding."

Restore a Soulmate connection in your marriage, even while you're busy parenting

Finally trust that your relationship is a shared priority & enjoy being fully present on your loving journey with your partner


Up to 90% of couples I work with begin to doubt whether they can hold onto the “Soulmate Connection" in their marriage, especially once they’re past the honeymoon phase of their relationship.


I love guiding parents get back to feeling and expressing affection towards their partner, while creating space to receive more love than they ever imagined - ESPECIALLY while they’re busy raising a family.

Soulmate Connection

Soulmate Connection

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During this free teaching-series, you'll learn:


The 4 most common relationship-landmines that are sure to erode connection, zap sensuality and steal pleasure from even the best of relationships and how to overcome them.


Discover how you can avoid falling back into negative spirals of resentment and dead-end arguments and instead, communicate with each other openly with zero judgements, giving and receiving total


How to use conflict to deepen your connection and access more ease, love and playfulness in both your marriage and parenting.

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