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If only things were like when we first met…

Do you ever catch yourself thinking this?

“I want things to be like when we first met.”

Most people remember being vulnerable early-on in their relationship.

Feeling the butterflies and getting closer to each other with each personal revelation.

Feeling like the world is their oyster as long as they have each other.

For many couples though, once partners inevitably start projecting negative traits onto each other, it no longer feels safe to be vulnerable.

Creativity suffers and the relationship begins to feel stifling, rather than expansive.

*The good news is, this doesn’t have to be a reality long-term.*

Couples can grow to be as confident in their relationship as they are in other aspects of their lives i.e. career, hobbies, parenthood, etc.

Investing energy into:

  • Deciding to commit to nurturing your bond with intention

  • Discovering your hidden “love blueprints” from childhood for deeper understanding and connection

  • Learning the skills to transform relationship-pain into conscious, genuine connection

  • Creating new emotional experiences & re-patterning your relationship for lasting harmony

Can be the difference between an ending and a new beginning in a relationship.

Instead of trying to replicate the past, invest energy into your own relational growth so connection and intimacy can arise in ways that never seemed possible.

A new spark could grow, that’s brighter and stronger than the first.

What do you most miss feeling in your relationship now, that you remember feeling earlier on?

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