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My 3 Keys for Falling in Love with Your Partner Again

Do you miss feeling close to your partner and is it heartbreaking to reminisce about the beginning of your relationship when it was so easy to love each other?

Do you sometimes wonder if the spark in your relationship is gone forever?

If this resonates, definitely keep reading because what I’m sharing today could potentially change your outlook about what’s possible for the future of your relationship.

We’re bombarded by misguided messages about what to expect in a committed relationship and whether it’s even possible to live together, raise a family AND still enjoy being with our partner.

The tragic truth is that many couples completely miss the daily opportunities to deepen their appreciation and love for each other as time goes by.

You may be wondering what those opportunities are and if there’s a “secret recipe” to falling in love over and over again in your marriage.

Of all the things I talk about, I’d say these are the top 3 crucial ingredients:

  1. Being willing to repair & restore your connection with your partner after a conflict;

  2. Seeing your partner with softer eyes & a compassionate heart;

  3. Staying committed to GROWTH (rather than being ‘right’) so you can turn your challenges into your biggest opportunities for personal development and satisfying love.

My dear & talented friends Rita Desnoyers Garcia & Enrique Garcia wrote a delicious song about what it takes to keep love alive in an enduring way and I’m so excited to share it with you today. Rita & Enrique are the parents of three amazing children and they know how to nurture a relationship that allows them to keep falling in love with each other.

I think it’s super romantic that they share a passion for creating music together & I’m stoked to have their permission to share their song “hello there” with you.

I’m sure you’ll be as inspired as I am every time I hear this song.

Hello there.

Rita Desnoyers Garcia: Lyrics, Music & Keyboard

Enrique Garcia: Strings, Editing & Producing

Do you think it’s possible or even sane? If we just jump to the start and begin again.

Don’t know where we go from here. Let me know if you do.

If we could reintroduce ourselves, let go of what we’ve been through

Say, “Hello, there. Nice to meet you. You have a lovely smile. Think I could talk to you.”

“Hello, there. Can I sit with you? I got a funny feeling that I could love you.”

Can’t erase the past. But we can drop the masks.

Face each other anew. Be together in a way we never knew.

Don’t want to wait a moment more. Let’s do it now.

One step at a time is the only way I know how.

Say, “Hello, there. Nice to meet you. You have a lovely smile. Think I could talk to you.”

“Hello, there. Can I sit with you? I got a funny feeling that I could love you.”

Hello There, Can I be with you? I see clearly now. I could love you.

Comment below and let me know what YOU need in order to hold space for your partner to be the complex, beautiful human being that they are.

While it may feel counterintuitive when you’re upset, this simple shift in perspective will allow your partner to do the same for you and create the space in your relationship for love to flow again.

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