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Communication With Your Partner Runs Much Deeper Than Words

Is Your Marriage Set-up for Suffering or Connection? 🤔

Have You ever felt like you’re constantly struggling to be understood by your partner?

The tricky thing is that up to 80% of our communication is outside of our conscious awareness, which can make it very difficult to transform the distance or tension in your relationship into FUEL for growth.

👉 Our primary ways of processing and being with our feelings and sensations develop INSIDE relationship, in the right hemisphere of our brain by the age of 18 months. 👈

These templates are remembered and stored outside of awareness in the form of body sensations, images, emotions and kinesthetic memory.

Babies and caregivers create a rhythm together where their moods, feelings and most fundamental sense of themselves are continuously affected by their responses to one another.

The same is true in your adult intimate relationship.

🌷Think of your relationship as the living, breathing organism that it is. 🌷

The energetic matrix you and your partner are continuously creating together deserves your compassionate, gentle attention and love.

Next time you get into a power-struggle, pause and notice the ways you profoundly impact each other.

✨ Honor the unspoken messages you may be sending your partner, which may not necessarily be matching up with your words. ✨

For example, are you saying one thing but feeling deeply resentful?

How can your words be more aligned with your true needs and feelings when you’re upset, without putting your partner down?

Let me know in a comment how you plan to honor this new-found knowledge in your day-to-day.

And if you’d like to gain free access to regular neurobiology-backed relationship insights, then be sure to follow my Instagram page!

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