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Long time no see...

A warm hello!

I can’t believe it’s been so many moons since I've written!

So much has unfolded in my orbit over the past 3 years and it's given rise to every possible emotion including heartfelt joy and awe, depletion, fear, surrender, anxiety, anger, appreciation and deep gratitude - to name a few. I've learned many lessons and am emerging with deepened self-trust, although many of the experiences that led me here felt overwhelming and tested my capacity.

I would love to hear if you can relate!

I’ve decided to be vulnerable and share the highs and the lows, since it’s so important for us to practice holding opposing experiences at the same time. I also deeply believe that our challenges can empower us to stretch and grow in ways we wouldn’t have otherwise, if we know how to harness them.

If you’re reading this, I know you are also committed to transforming the heaviness of the past two years into newfound resilience and freedom.

Here's a synopsis: we welcomed our third child into our family with a natural birth experience that was powerful, intense, and utterly beautiful. With the boundless joy came sleepless nights and a journey into postpartum anxiety (which began alongside a rare pregnancy-induced health concern). I never experienced anything like it during my earlier two pregnancies and was caught completely off guard. Just as I was re-finding my hormonal and emotional balance (15 months later), the pandemic hit, and everything went sideways.

Like so many families with young kids, my husband and I spent the following year+ working while our three children were home with us full-time. We were tasked with juggling (often simultaneous) zoom meetings, baby’s naps, meals, and managing 1st and 3rd grade math lessons via remote learning - without any childcare or support. We were still waking between 6-10 times on a good night, which added to our physical and mental load as a couple.

At the same time, being together 24/7 as a family unit allowed us to bake endless variations of gluten-free banana bread and pumpkin pie, enjoy lots of episodes of Peppa Pig and slower weekends together. It was such a blessing for our youngest to have her older siblings at home with her and witnessing the love between them makes my heart swell. Even though it certainly hasn’t always been easy and we’ve had our ups and downs, I know for a fact that as a couple, we can handle so much more than I’d previously realized.

When I notified my beloved local clients we’d be meeting over zoom temporarily, I honestly thought we’d be back in the same room together within 2 weeks. 2 years (!) later, I’m releasing my office space after making it my sanctuary for a decade. The huge financial burden of paying for an office I couldn’t utilize for the past 24 months (my rent unexpectedly doubled after my subtenant decided not to renew) was weighing heavily on my family. I’m embracing this change and am excited to see what the next chapter holds.

We are grateful that our children have gradually returned to school and our 3.5 year old started preschool for the first time this past September. I'm in awe of our children's flexibility and resilience and the teachers who are helping them thrive. We are infinitely grateful for our health and the well-being of our family, and we don’t take it for granted as we know many have suffered tremendous and profound losses.

I’ve been so blessed to have explored a myriad of healing modalities including ayurveda, yoga-nidra, energy medicine, breath practices as well as advanced training in the neurobiology that supports safety and connection. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned and it’s been incredible to bring this deepened awareness to the couples I’m so privileged to support.

With all this said, I’m ready and ecstatic to share these nuanced understandings and I want to give you a sense of the content I’ll be creating moving forward

My blog and Instagram will be geared towards driven, self-aware women and men who have successful outward-facing lives but find themselves internally struggling with resentment, disconnection, and disappointment in their relationship. My content will most likely connect with you if you have a passion for personal development, want to finally break negative cycles in your partnership, and are motivated to put in the work to nurture or restore a deep and satisfying connection in your marriage.

I encourage you to follow me on Instagram, where I share about a larger variety of topics i.e. recipes, videos, paradigm shifts, behind-the scenes, recommended readings, etc. I’d love to connect with you so please send me a DM!

I’m deeply committed to helping you enjoy the richness of living in a body that’s fully alive, and the gifts of genuine human contact and connection.

Let’s do this together!

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